Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Football Player

We have a star football player in our family, and the funny thing is it isn't one of the boys. Savannah is playing for the Dalhart Youth Football League. She is a wide receiver and let me tell you she is fast. She made the first touchdown for her team in the first game. None of the boys can catch her. She told me it wasn't too hard to run fast with 9 boys chasing her. I told her she better get used to it. : )

Resting after a long run.

She needs to learn to watch the game
even when she is not in it!! : )

I love this picture. She looks up
to her big brother even when
she is the star.

She makes football look GOOD!!

Chandler helps coach the team.


Rachel said...

What a rock star!! She is fantastic. I had fun being creative with y'all. Daniel's hair is fantastic in these pictures. We gotta get that fro under control.

Ilene said...

Ok Sorry, I was logged in on Josh's account. He would be mortified if anyone thought that it was him leaving the following comment:

She is such a Stud!!! Or is it Studette? Stud Muffin??? Anyways, she is the cutest football player I have ever seen:).

amy wright said...

What a hoot! I love it. I think that I would have played football if it were available when I was a little girl. I can throw a mean spiral. :)

Dawn Lowe said...

Hi Debbie! greetings from Indiana!! I am now stalking your blog - why does that sound so, I don't know, not right?! Anyway, Savannah is beautiful and I also love the one of her looking up at her big brother! Too cute.

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