Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation 2009

We recently went on a driving vacation to
California. I thought I would share pictures
with you. What an adventure we had!!

Leaving Texas behind was so hard!!

It was freezing when we entered New Mexico.

By the time we reached Arizona, the honeymoon
was over and we were all tired.

Chandler loved these cactuses.
Or is it Cacti?

After spending the night in Phoenix, we finally
made it to California!

Everyone told us about the In-N-Out burgers!

Chandler and Savannah jumping in
the ocean at Coronado Beach, San
Diego. It was a little too cold for

Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer. He got
used to the cold.

Poor Dwight...everyone uses him!

On the bus at the San Diego Zoo.

Same bus!

I love this picture! Savannah enjoying the waves!
Mission Beach.

La Jolla Beach looking at the Seals.

The seals lounging.

Still La Jolla last few minutes in San Diego.

We had driven up to the L.A. area. Savannah
had spent too much time away from the beach.
She had to run and kiss the sand. This is at
Venice Beach.


The waves were huge!

The boardwalk at Venice Beach.

All kinds of people and street

performers. It was wild!!!

Mann's Chinese Theater. Will Smith has huge feet!!

Do you think people could tell we
were tourists?

Finally made it to Disneyland! Our beautiful

Mickey Mouse. He was everywhere!

What a greeting!!

On our way to the monorail from
the hotel.

Very first Disneyland ride!!

Who looks most excited????


Who knew Dumbo could be so terrifying?

Dwight was thrilled with the Mickey ears Savannah
picked out for him!!! : ) I love this picture!!

On the train in Disneyland!

Goofy didn't appreciate Savannah having
Minnie ears and not a goofy hat.

He couldn't stay mad for long!

Chandler insisted on sitting in
front on Splash Mountain. I
wonder if he regretted it?? Ha!

Night shot at California Adventures.

Daniel on the Carousel. Not a big fan!!

Dale was fun to meet.

This little coaster was at Toon Town! It was
so much fun!!

It's a Small World! I hate that song! It makes
me want to hurt someone!!

Family portrait.

Aladin and Jasmine!

Have you ever seen a happier man?

We met up with a friend from high school who
moved out there. Laurin and his family love it

Big River at California Adventures. You get
real wet.

Always an adventure with Chandler. He got his
leg caught in the bed.

Our last day at Disneyland, Savannah got to
dance in the parade.

Stop off in Nevada.

Stayed at the Circus Circus.

A ride in a limo.

Our driver Mike.

We got to see the broadway
production of The Lion King.

The theatre at the Mirage.

Right before the curtain opened.

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