Monday, September 29, 2008

All About Me

I grew up in the very town that I live in now. I grew up in a house full of love. Sounds sappy, I know. It is very true tho. I knew that I was loved always. I also knew that my parents loved each other very much. They still act as if they are on their honeymoon. I love the way they always hold hands and sit next to each other. It is how I want my marriage to be. I knew that my parents loved each other above all else. Our kids should know that now. They should see that we will always work together and back each other up. I knew then and now that my dad was always on my mom's side first. Don't cross her or he would deal with you.
I had one older brother that I looked up to. He was popular, handsome and everyone wanted to be his friend. I just wanted him to be impressed by me and not embarrassed. To this day, I still feel that way. He has a great wife that is perfect for him and two great kids. His oldest just started college and is turning into a great man. His daughter is a beautiful 8th grader. They live in Iowa. I wish we were closer in miles. I never had any cousins and I love to see my kids with theirs.
I married my best friend almost 18 years ago. We have three great kids who bring us so much joy. More about them later.......right now I have to get my rest so I can start tomorrow fresh and ready for a new adventure. Every day brings new ones.


Enjoying the journey... said...

what great pictures---I really need to learn to scan a picture!
Thanks for sharing!

Ilene said...

OH MY STARS! These pics are adorable! I want to see them up close. I think my dad has the same outfit your dad has on:)!

Ilene said...

Ok, I just realized that I click on your pics, they get bigger. I just love these!!!!

amy wright said...

I'm so glad that you are on here!!!! Yay!!! I love the fact that your parents had a great marriage and so do you. The best thing that my parents ever did for me was to tell me that they would never get divorced. I had friends all around me whose parents were breaking apart and it gave me such peace to know that my parents were in it for the long haul! Your kids are blessed!

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