Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheerleading and Football FUN!!!

Savannah went to cheerleading camp last week and
then got to cheer at the Wolves game Fri. night. She
loved it! Her group was led by a sweet girl from our
church named Jasmine. Savannah really looks up to
her (and I don't mind a bit) and so that was icing on
the cake for her. Here are some shots of the action
and the fans.

We go to all the games with my dad and here is a silly grin
from Chan and his dad hiding his face.


amy wright said...

She is an adorable cheerleader. I love that she plays football and cheers for football players. :)

Enjoying the journey... said...

Savanah, you did a really good job cheering Friday night!! Abi had a great time too! Good pictures!

Ilene said...

Savannah looked beautiful in her uniform. (Well she always looks beautiful. but that is a whole other topic:)
She looked so grown up. She did a great job!

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