Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daniel- The Joys of a Teenager

Daniel right before he turned 13.

Daniel at 14.

It amazes me that these two pictures are only a year and a half apart. I always say that time goes by so fast, but I don't even realize it until I look at pictures. My first born is growing into a handsome young man and I can't stop it. Really, I wouldn't want to stop it, but on days like today I would like to slow it down just a little.

So, that being said there are many things I love about Daniel. Here are just a few:

1. I love that Daniel loves the Lord and actively seeks after Him.

2. I love that Daniel loves church and even on mornings that I am lazy and stay home, he always goes.

3. I love that I will be in one room and from the other room (out of the blue) I will here Daniel yell "Love you Mom".

4. I love that Daniel keeps me on my toes with random thoughts that he has. Crazy out of left field thoughts that he just throws out.

5. I love to hear Daniel practice his guitar......constantly!!

6. I love that Daniel will see things around the house and do them....without being told.

7. I love that Daniel has the memory that having three children has stolen from me. He is better than any organizer/calendar that I could keep.

8. I love that Daniel loves tradition. There are certain things that are family times: major football games, New Years Eve, Wolves sports events. He doesn't feel the need to be with his friends during those things.

9. I love that Daniel is comfortable talking to anyone. On Sunday morning before church starts, you are just as likely to find him talking to people his grandpa's age as the younger crowd.

10. I love that even though he is as tall as me, he will still crawl up in my lap and hug me. (Don't tell his friends.)

There are so many other things that I could share, but you don't want the whole list. And I have things I need to get done.

It seems like yesterday that he was born, and it feels like I only have til tomorrow and he will be completely grown......gotta go. There's someone I need to go hug!!


Knock On Wood said...

That is so wonderful, he will treasure what you have written about him!

amy wright said...

He's such a great kid. I'm glad to read that having a teenager really is a joy...usually I hear the opposite. ...thanks for sharing the positive!

Dawn Lowe said...

You have given me hope. Just tonight I was watching Klein sleep in my arms, saddened by the fact that his one-on-one time with me is almost over and I simply asked Mark, "Do you think he will love me the same when he is grown up?" Now, I can't wait for the "I love you's" across the house!

Rachel said...

This is so sweet. Daniel is so special and I have noticed a change even in the last month. He is a blessing to everyone around him. Thank you for being such devoted parents and raising an awesome young man. I can't wait for Ryan to curl up in my lap at 14, do you use the couch for help?

my word verification is expect. ya a real word. You may think I'm crazy, but this has been a word God has been showing me a lot in the last 24 hours. I have never had a real word for a verification. Do you think He's trying to tell me something? HA!

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