Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vandalism is a terrible thing!! : )

Our church has been vandalized!!!!

This is pastor appreciation month and we have
been hit by some appreciation!!! Please remember
your pastoral staff this month especially. They need
our prayers and our support.


amy wright said...

Awe, this makes me happy and I'm glad that you posted these pictures. :)

Dawn Lowe said...

That is actually some good-looking graffiti! Tell the kids good job! Who gets to clean that off? (:

Debbie said...

No one knows who actually did this. :)

Rachel said...

WOW, that's awesome. You've got some real talented vandals. That's so sweet, I'm sure the staff loved it.

Enjoying the journey... said...

What a good idea for a blog----it was so cute---but looked even better last night as the rain was washing it off! Praise God for the RAIN!

Ilene said...

Just for the record....THE STAFF AND THEIR FAMILIES LOVE IT!! Those were some awesome vandals. Please pass on our thanks to WHOMEVER did the deed:). Pastor Rodney has declared the rest of the year October:). We back him 100%!

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