Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Girl

Savannah turned 9 on the 19th. I can't believe
my baby is growing up. Soon she will hit the
double digits and then it just goes faster and

Savannah got a movie from Chandler.

A puzzle from Daniel. It is High School
Musical 3. OH Troy! Your so cute!!!!

More High School Musical stuff.

Trench coat on her back....tape on her

My beautiful baby girl!

All of you Moms with little ones, please remember
that it goes by so fast! Enjoy every minute that you
have with your little ones. Soon you will be having
fun taking them to all of their games and practices
and camps. It is a great also, but so different than
the times with them as babies.

P.S.I know that it seems like all of my blogs have
been about Savannah. She has been so busy
with activities lately. I will make it up to the
boys soon.


Rachel said...

That's okay, sometimes the boys are boring anyways. I have found that with only one girl and our house she seems to get the majority of blog time. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.

Ilene said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday girl! You are growing more and more beautiful as time goes by. Have a great B-day week!

amy wright said...

Happy Birthday, Savannah!!!! Now, this makes me sad. I don't want my kids to grow up. I like that they can still sit in my lap and ask me to read them a story...or ask me to help them wash their hands...oh, the list goes on!!!!!

Dawn Lowe said...

Happy Birthday, Savannah! I love that she is kicked back in the recliner for "her day" as the princess! Very fitting.

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