Sunday, March 8, 2009

Any way you spell it.....

Chinese- sishi; French- quarante; Japanese- yonjuu; Polish- czterdziesci; Croatian- cetrdeset; German- vierzig; Czech- ctryricet; Italian- quaranto; Spanish-cuarenta-----

Any way you spell it it says the same thing....FORTY! I have hit that mark today! I used to think that forty was so old!! It was hard to imagine as a child, or even a teenager, where I would be at forty. When I was little, I wanted to be a famous actress. I loved singing and doing plays. I was active in drama all through school. If you talk to my parents there was probably quite a bit of drama at home too!!!

Obviously, I am not on Broadway or on your local movie screen! I am not accepting Oscar, or Tony, or even Grammy!! I am.....

...married to my best friend. The person I can't
imagine living without!

...mother/teacher to this amazing,
moody, sensational teenager. He
will soon be driving around town,
so watch out!!!

....mother/teacher to this funny,
frustrating, loving boy. He can
melt my heart by just looking
in my direction.

.....mother to this sweet, Godly, precious little
girl who makes me want to be a better woman.
I hope that I set the example that she needs.

.....daughter to the two best people in the
world. They taught me how to stay married
through the good and the bad. They are more
in love today than they were 45 years ago.

I am not doing the things that I dreamed of doing as a child. I am doing so much more. I am right where God wants me and where I want to be. I could not have planned a better life for myself and I am so thankful that I didn't have to.

My prayer for all of you is that you are happy with where God has you right now.


Ilene said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY My dear friend!! I am so grateful you are where you are and that you are my friend!

I missed you today!

P.S. Welcome to the 40s!:) It is not so bad.

Dana said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you finally caught up with us 40-year olds!!! :)

Dawn Lowe said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday! I suspect most of us aren't where we imagined ourselves to be as young children. (: I wanted to be a vocalist in a band, touring the country...singing in my seat at church is as far as I got (:

amy wright said...

Happy 40th!!

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