Monday, February 23, 2009

We Have Walls and Basketball!!!

After what seemed like a slow start to the addition,
we are finally seeing quite a bit of progress on our
house. Once the walls are up and covered with the
plywood, the roof will be the next thing to go up.
I will keep pictures posted of the process. It is so
much fun to watch it happen.

Our first wall!

Daniel looking out my bedroom window.

All of the walls are up!

Chandler and Savannah played basketball this
year. Chandler's tournament ended on Sat. His
team did really good and played well together.
Savannah's team only lost two games in regular
season play. Her tournament started yesterday
and they won their game!!!

Savannah tying up the ball!

Throwing it in!

Listening to the coach at half time.

Chandler (#6) shoots and scores!!

Scores again!!!


Dawn Lowe said...

I love Savannah's hair - so cute! And the walls are looking great!

Kara and Dave said...

looking good! I know how excited you are!

Enjoying the journey... said...

Walls!! Very Exciting! Way to go Chandler, great lay-up! I agree with Dawn, Savannah's hair is very cute!

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