Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Blog

Okay, I admit it. I have been a stalker for a while now. I have really enjoyed keeping up with my friends thoughts and advice and requests. It has been so much fun. Finally, one of the ladies that I read about said, "You should do it, it's fun!" So, here I am. My family makes me laugh and keeps me busy. I hope that you find them as entertaining as I do. Blessings to you and your family!


Ilene said...

Yay!!!! Welcome!! It is very fun to have you on here!!

Enjoying the journey... said...

Hi! I KNOW you are going to enjoy this-----and your kids will too. Amy gave me a website address where you can download your blog and make it into a hard copy book for about 30.00----This is probably the only scrapbooking I will ever get done! :)
Welcome to the blogging world!

Michael said...

This is interesting Deb! I love the picture of you and your mom!

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