Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Snowball Fight

With the first snowfall, comes the first snowball fight.
Even though Savannah had been sick, she was ready to
get out there and play for awhile.

Getting ready for the fight!

Practicing on the Jeep as Dwight pulls away!

Chandler doesn't know he is in trouble yet!

The perfect snowball!

Sneaking up on Chandler!



I Got Him!!!


Got her back!!

It was still worth it!!


amy wright said...

I'm so glad that it was 78 degrees here today. BUT, I felt really sad for Isaac. He loves snow and asked if we could PLEASE go back to Texas so that he could have a snowball fight. :(
Okay, I didn't feel THAT sad for him. hee hee

Dawn Lowe said...

Their little cheeks are so red!

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