Saturday, November 29, 2008

The new Savannah!

I took Savannah to the beauty shop for a TRIM! She decided that she was old enough to pick her own hairstyle. I said okay, but that she would have to live with it once it was done. Well, she ended up being right. She looks so cute and she loves it. I am getting used to it as well.


and After.

Side view

Back view


Rachel said...

She looks so grown up, beautiful!

amy wright said...

Oh, I love it! Her hair looks so silky smooth. :)
It's sweet that she said she is old enough to pick her own hair style. I love girls.
My word verification for your comment page is "earth". Hmmm

Knock On Wood said...

It totally suits her!!

Dawn Lowe said...

I love it! Savannah - it looks great on you!

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