Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photo Session

Last weekend a sweet friend of mine from childhood
came to town. She has started a photography business
and as you will see she is very talented. I will treasure
these pictures forever and we had a great time taking
them. Here are just a few the best ones.

I am so blessed with kids who truly enjoy each other. We do have our bad times, but there is
a lot of love here.


Dawn Lowe said...

Those are keepers (the kids and the pictures! Ha!) Savannah looks so mature! and the boys, so sweet.

amy wright said...

Oh, what great pictures!!! I love the outline of them kicking the air with the sun behind them.

Ilene said...

Wow, these are GREAT pics. She did an amazing job. Of course it helps to have some adorable subjects to begin with:)

Enjoying the journey... said...

great fun many creative places and poses....really good picture with Mom!

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