Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Grandma- a true lady.

This last week has been a tough one for my family. In the midst of all of the last of school busyness, my grandmother past away. Two and a half years ago, she had several strokes and her health had been slowly getting worse. It is hard to say that the death of a loved one is a blessing, but I had really lost my grandma two years ago. She had lost most of her sight and the ability to get around on her own. She would have days that she could communicate really well and then others where she couldn't get her words out. She lived most days in the past with her brothers and sisters and even her mother who had passed away before I was born.

But that is not how I want to remember her. I want to remember the classy lady, who never had a bad thing to say about anyone. Who always looked so beautiful and never even tried to. She loved to laugh and her true joy in life was her family. She especially loved her great-grandkids. She missed David and Brittney who live in Iowa and always couldn't wait for them to come and spend time here. My kids were so blessed to have her here. They would take turns spending the night with her and loved to cook breakfast with her. She was so much more patient with them than I will ever be.

She and Savannah had an extra special relationship. I see a lot of Grandma in Savannah, so much more than just her name. Savannah has the inner beauty and love of life that she had. Chandler was also named for grandma. I grew up knowing that I wanted to name my little girl after Grandma and when I found out Chandler was a boy, I figured that he wouldn't appreciate the name Savannah as much. Then when we had Savannah, Grandma ended up with two namesakes. No one could make Grandma laugh like Chan. He has a way of lighting up a room with his sense of humor. Sometimes she couldn't believe the things that he would say or do. Daniel was Grandmas helper. When my grandfather was sick with cancer, Daniel would always help Grandma get him ready for bed or settle him in his chair to watch t.v. I think that Grandma really admired Daniel's strength and kindness. Did I mention that Daniel was only 4 when Grandpa passed away?
Savannah Scott Chandler was the kind of lady that I hope one day I will be. She was a great person who touched the heart of everyone who met her. I will miss her every day. It is so strange to think that she is not here to visit with anymore. But I know that I will see her again. Along with being such a great example of the kind of person to be, she was a Christian. She is with her mom and her brothers and sisters and my grandpa. She is happy and singing again. She has a new, healthy body. And most importantly, she is looking into the face of Jesus! How we all look forward to that day!!!

I had this picture made of Grandma and Savannah
just a few months before her strokes. I am so glad
that I did. This is a cherished memory.
Here is my grandma doing what she
loved the most, playing cards with her
family. This is how I will always remember

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